Online Shopping and Search Engines


We often tell our clients in Sydney about the effect of having a professional established online setup. Majority of small business owners still don’t understand the emerged concept of online shopping and it’s relation to SEO Services Sydney . That’s why we are presenting facts in the form of numbers that indicate clearly the relation of widely exposed businesses to online implementations.

E-Commerce Statistics Worldwide for Online Consumer Shopping

– Business to consumer sales worldwide in 2014 mounted up to $1,471 billion.

– 196.6 million digital buyers were registered in United States in 2014.

– In terms of sales, the multinational e-commerce Amazon company’s net revenue was 88.99 billion U.S. dollars in year 2014.

This information has been collected with in-depth research and analysis for presenting the true picture of online consumer shopping in today’s world. Consumers are spending thousands of dollars every day on online shopping. It is clear that there is a big potential to establish business over the internet for seeking increased number of potential customers which may result in huge boosts of sales. Most People show interest in purchase of goods and services over the internet.

Review Statistics for Online Shoppers

Online shoppers usually spend money with a lot of attention to some details and do research before making the purchase decision. Reviews play a key role in informing web surfers about products and services. People who had consumed the product/service can post a review explaining their experiences. Those who are interested in the particular product/service can find these reviews over hundreds of websites including social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

– 79% of shoppers take into consideration online reviews as personal experience.

– 65% of shoppers read at least 2 to 6 reviews during the purchasing process.

– Facebook and Twitter are the fastest growing platforms for business and product recommendations coming from former consumers.

Let’s say that a particular business isn’t looking for online sales, it may still grow in terms of branding, advertising and traffic attraction towards physical outlet. If a business website and content are professionally Search Engine Optimized, it may affect web surfers in target market by finding reviews related to some products and services. Nice reviews related to a business product or service can be mentioned on the business website. At the same time, an individual reading positive reviews about these products and services on another website may be interested in visiting the business webpage. In this way, hundreds of potential customers from particular target market might visit business website on a daily basis which may result in an exceptional brand reputation.

Search Engines usage

– Google is the powerhouse when it comes to search engines. Google shares more than 75% of the search engine market.

– 50% of the cell phone web surfers visit the local store within couple of days after searching for desired product/service.

– The ratio is 34% for the tablet and PC users in same case.

– 1 to 3 searches for products or services occur before the customer visits the outlet.

– 15% of the in-store activities of onlookers and shoppers include searching for the product over Search Engines.

The statistics mentioned above show the effect of having up to date online setups that include information about products, services, offers, prices and special discounts. If a web page is professionally Search Engine Optimized, it is inside crowd traffic of potential customers searching for products/services over the internet and there is a possibility of catching attention. Giving a particular business tools to grab maximum number of potential customers searching for the products and services is where SEO Sydney Company tactics may bring web page of this business in top rankings over the search engines.

Here we present more statistics which may grab your attention. These statistics are related to general use of search engines.

– 93% of the overall online experiences start off with search engines.

– According to Marketing Charts, more than 39% of the customers are driven from search engines.

– Do you know how many searches are made every month? The figure mounts up to over 100 billion searches per month.

– Mobile searches are growing fast compared to tablet and PC.

United States has played the major role in setting the trend of online shopping around the world. To date, United States tops most of the rankings related to searches and online sales. Online shopping has now started to emerge as a trend in every region of the world including Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa. As soon as a responsible business manager understands this concept, he may not hesitate to experience huge boosts of potential sales, reputation advertising and customer support. Every statistic related to online consumer shopping and use of search engines shows effect of investment on effective SEO Sydney Services.